Dr Priyanka is my third psychiatrist. I have been having symptoms of OCD for last 11 years and have tried treatment twice. Finally met mam around 4 months back. The best quality of hers was her clarity of thought. She immediately told me that it will take some time before medicines can show effect and asked me to wait, I must say that its a frustrating thing to wait for symptoms to get better. But finally I did start feeling well.

My improvement has been steady and although I still cant say that I am completely cured but for sure , I am better by 80 percent. Dr Priyanka explains the reason for changes in dosage and I feel that she doesn’t prescribe unnecessary pills. She also has a therapy doctor who took my sessions, and the sessions have also been helpful. A couple of things that could be improved, she is not usually available on phone, and if one has any doubt, the staff asks to whats app the doctor. I wish we could have a quick conversation but I guess that since she is with other patients, that doesn’t happen. Also fees is slightly on higher side. In fact all psychiatrists have higher fees in comparison to other doctors.