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Ques. What is a Delusion ?

Ans. A delusion is a misleading thought, it is a deeply held false belief that does not have any evidence. It has no logical justification and is not grounded by reality.

Ques. What are the different types of Delusions ?

Ans. There are various types of Delusions. The most common are-

  • Delusions of persecution- Patients who have this delusion, think that they are being targeted, spied on, threatened, attacked, or otherwise victimised on purpose.
  • Delusions of reference – Patients attach special and personal meaning to the actions of others or to objects and events.
  • Delusions of grandiosity- Patients believe themselves to be specially empowered

 persons and exaggerate their own identity.

Ques. What is a Hallucination ?

Ans. Hallucinations are sensory experiences that are created from the patient’s mind but seems realistic to them.

A hallucination is a perception that occurs without any external stimuli but resembles a true perception. 

Ques. What are the different types of Hallucinations ?

Ans. The most common Hallucinations are- 

  • Auditory hallucinations – Patients hear sounds or voices when they are alone but no one else can hear the same. These voices or noises can be one or more, they either communicate directly to the patient or sometimes talk within themselves.
  • Visual hallucinations – Patients see vague perceptions of people or objects which are not visible to other people. 


Ques. In which disorders do we find symptoms of delusions and hallucinations ?

Ans.  Delusions and Hallucinations are symptoms of mental and psychiatric disorders. They can be seen in disorders like Schizophrenia, Psychosis, Bipolar disorder (Mania -Depression).