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The experience with Dr. Praveen Tripathi was extremely positive. He is a very practical doctor and at times can be straightforward in his approach. He is honest in his approach and i remember him telling me in the first meeting itself that there are no quick fixes and that it will take some time before improvement shows. He answers all the questions and doesn’t shy away from tough ones. Fees may appear costly at times. His sessions cost 1800 though consultation fees is 900. I chose minimal medicines and more sessions which worked good for me. In nutshell, good doctor. Good experience.


Visited For Depression Treatment

Dr Priyanka is my third psychiatrist. I have been having symptoms of OCD for last 11 years and have tried treatment twice. Finally met mam around 4 months back. The best quality of hers was her clarity of thought. She immediately told me that it will take some time before medicines can show effect and asked me to wait, I must say that its a frustrating thing to wait for symptoms to get better. But finally I did start feeling well. My improvement has been steady and although I still cant say that I am completely cured but for sure , I am better by 80 percent. Dr Priyanka explains the reason for changes in dosage and I feel that she doesnt prescribe unnecessary pills. She also has a therapy doctor who took my sessions, and the sessions have also been helpful. A couple of things that could be improved, she is not usually available on phone, and if one has any doubt, the staff asks to whats app the doctor. I wish we could have a quick converstaion but I guess that since she is with other patients, that doesnt happen. Also fees is slightly on higher side. In fact all psychiatrists have higher fees in comparison to other doctors

Mrigank srivastav

OCD Treatment

Ramesh Garg

Visited For Erection Problems, Premature Ejaculation

Completely Satisfied! Doc was friendly and understood the situation and handled it really well. Treatment worked really well.

Nitesh Kumar

Anxiety And Depression

Sheela Devi

Loneliness, Depression Treatment

Sanjeevani Srivastava

OCD Treatment

I visited the doctor for my depression and she was very patient in listening to my problem. There was no hurry to see the next patient and she dealt with my issue very well. She prescribed me anti depressants and we had follow ups as well. She remembered my issue even after I went for a follow-up 2-3 months later as well. Dr. Priyanka is also soft spoken and a very very competent Psychiatrist.

Prateek Kanade

Depression Treatment

Only people who have mental health issues know how much they have to suffer. It took me 3 years to accept that i have a problem, i was having what is called as obsessive compulsive disorder for almost 4 years and i could start treatment only last year. Initially i saw a psychiatrist at lucknow, where i reside, but didnt feel any improvement. I was told about Dr Priyanka Goyal by my friend who lives in delhi and had taken treatment from her. I had to take train to see her everytime as her clinic is noida but it was so worth it.

The best thing about Dr Priyanka is that she follows a very clear approach, she told me briefly about how brain chemicals like serotinin are responsible for such disorders and why we need to take treatment. I was very scared of side effects however she made me comfortable by telling about the low possibility of any such side effecs. I did feel some gastric issues for first 2 weeks but even that was managed using gas pills.

After around 3 months of medical treatment i also started taking sessions from a psychologist mam who works with dr priyanka . The combined treatment really helped me a lot. In the first one month , i didnt feel much improvement but after that things started to improve,

After around 1 year, i cant say that i am 100% cured but definitely improvement is more than 90 percent. The great thing about this journey was i felt that my doctor understands me and is genuinely concerned with my improvement . Later on she would call me once a month only for follow ups as it was difficult for me to travel more frequently. I am highly thankful to priyanka mam, and would also like to tell patients with OCD that take treatment as soon as possible and get out of this illness.


Visited For OCD Treatment

Never seen before a doctor like that. She not only guides you but also participates with you in the whole process of your treatment.

I will not elaborate much here because words will fall short for her competency, just visit the doctor ma’am and get the change in your life.

I visited there for major depression, anxiety, insomnia and i got a new life. All thanks to doctor.


Visited For Anxiety And Depression