Only people who have mental health issues know how much they have to suffer. It took me 3 years to accept that i have a problem, i was having what is called as obsessive compulsive disorder for almost 4 years and i could start treatment only last year. Initially i saw a psychiatrist at lucknow, where i reside, but didnt feel any improvement. I was told about Dr Priyanka Goyal by my friend who lives in delhi and had taken treatment from her. I had to take train to see her everytime as her clinic is noida but it was so worth it.

The best thing about Dr Priyanka is that she follows a very clear approach, she told me briefly about how brain chemicals like serotinin are responsible for such disorders and why we need to take treatment. I was very scared of side effects however she made me comfortable by telling about the low possibility of any such side effecs. I did feel some gastric issues for first 2 weeks but even that was managed using gas pills.

After around 3 months of medical treatment i also started taking sessions from a psychologist mam who works with dr priyanka . The combined treatment really helped me a lot. In the first one month , i didnt feel much improvement but after that things started to improve,

After around 1 year, i cant say that i am 100% cured but definitely improvement is more than 90 percent. The great thing about this journey was i felt that my doctor understands me and is genuinely concerned with my improvement . Later on she would call me once a month only for follow ups as it was difficult for me to travel more frequently. I am highly thankful to priyanka mam, and would also like to tell patients with OCD that take treatment as soon as possible and get out of this illness.